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Survival of The Fittest

Released: 2013

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Released: 2014

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Hey Humans

Release date: April 29 2017

The Dirt

First of all we would like to thank you for getting this far on our website. We truly appreciate the time you invest as fans. The launch of our second EP – Fire is quickly approaching with a CD Release Party date of November 29th, 2014. We are looking forward to rocking the doors off to a full house at the Lindsay Armoury. Also a big Thanks to Sennheiser, The Rock 94.9, Bob Fm 91.9, Kawartha Lakes Radio, Boston Pizza, Kawartha Lakes Wado Kai Federation for sponsoring and promoting this event.


Want a little history of the band?

Sheldon and Adam starting playing music together in 2007. Growing over the years they struggled to find 2 other members that clicked with their ideals of a band. Sheldon and Adam always strived to write raw original rock music. The vision was to have a 4 piece rock group with soul. To play music with feel. Strip away all the effects and create an organic rock sound in this digital age. The origin of The Rootmen has always placed importance on the people and things that ground them. Completing the brotherhood Jimi and Kyle have put their goals within grasp, finally hitting the sound and personalities they have been searching for. In under 2 short years together we have released 2 albums which have been greatly received and quickly added accolades to their list of accomplishments.

Adam Deschenes

Kyle Vaughan

Jimi Baldwin

Sheldon Arnold

Adam Deschenes:

I write a lot about how things look crooked in this world to me. Everything seems to revolve around a dollar, consumerism is booming harder then ever and people run rampant trying to save time. Time for what? Texting somebody, checking Facebook, making more money. Buy a ready made meal and rush the kids to soccer practice. Why not teach them to cook a healthy meal, spend some quality time with your family and then go kick the ball around in the backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a job and playing sports but my point is I think people need to slow down. Focus more on health and happiness. Say hi to the stranger walking down the street. Remove ourselves from things that are plugged in and go experience the world first hand. Sometimes we don’t realize how deep our roots run until we try and find them.

Kyle Vaughan:

I have been involved in music in some form or another since I was very young. From rocking broomstick air guitars to my parents cranked stereo, to choirs and stage productions through public school right up until I hit my early teens.  Then one day getting grounded to my room for putting a magnet up to my parents TV changed everything.  I was stuck with nothing to do but I had an old guitar and a Neil Young book and history was made.  Fast forward a few years, some really supportive parents, a few music awards  and many cranked AC/DC albums later and here I am.

I have many different musical influences but my mains are Angus Young and David Gilmour. I have always envisioned my sound as Angus playing through Davids guitar rig. I am a fan of effects (especially delay when I hit big bends in solos) but I try to keep it within reason. With The Rootmen I try to add just what is needed to give it that extra punch without pushing the music over the edge of the clean raw form we try to achieve.

Jimi Baldwin:

I’ve been playing various instruments since childhood. Influenced by an extremely musical family, bass became the obvious choice after I pulled 2 strings off an acoustic guitar my aunt gave me as a young boy. Growing up I was introduced to almost every type of music imaginable. Now with The Rootmen, I am able to utilize this massive library of styles to create bass lines that are funky, smooth and engaging. I love to ride the line of fitting in and standing out simultaneously.

Sheldon Arnold:

I come from a generational history of musicians. My grandfather played organ and father also a drummer. Growing up in this environment caused a very broad spectrum of musical influences. A self taught musician with over 20 years experience, I’ve drawn from my father’s music as well as my own to create a unique powerful voice that is a staple sound of the band. For me, the goal for every Rootmen song is to write a piece that is right for the song. Nothing more, nothing less.